About Us

A company in support of health

About Us

Our human approach characterizes us for not seeing our customers as a credit card or a number. Our DNA in customer service proves it.
We know your requirements, so every request or order will be delivered with the consistency that characterizes us.

In healthtecnology we are aware of the great demand for medical supplies by individuals, not only doctors but also those customers who are concerned about their health in this time of crisis by COVID-19.

This same concern leads us to meet the needs in the purchase of health equipment and materials in low units, it is our duty to attend to the sale of medical supplies in any quantity required, either for businesses or customers who require products for personal use or small family establishments. Please do not hesitate to contact us by mail if you do not have access to your purchase: info@healthtecnology.com

Our Commitment

HEALTH TECHNOLOGY is the leading medical device distribution chain in the country. Our connections in Latin America with diagnostic centers, clinics, pharmacies and hospitals support our management in the health sector.
Comprometidos en brindar a nuestros clientes soluciones integrales en mobiliario hospitalario, equipos de automatización e insumos. Nuestra filosofía de servicio solidario e innovador nos convierte en los mejores.

Specialized Catalog

Our product line meets and exceeds the needs of every specialist.

Global Distribution

We ship to more than 112 countries, with free shipping to USA and Mexico.

Ulmite Technology

Every day we strive to be at the forefront of medical equipment.

Prioritizing Health

We are involved in the health of thousands of patients.