Intensive Care Unit Room

An ICU is an area properly conditioned for the care of patients with unstable conditions due to different situations. Knowing this scenario as critical where continuous monitoring is required, we are able to immediately supply tables, beds, fans, pumps and monitors.

Electric ICU bed

Medical pendant

Anti-decubitus air mattress

Related instruments

General Hospital Pavilion

Our products are characterized by their quality, ensuring the well-being of the patients. A scenario where a patient does not require constant monitoring, lives in a nursing home or a hotel-hospital, they can access monitors, medicine carts, bedside tables, headboards, beds. Providing a better quality of life.

Electric Hospital bed

Manual hospital bed

Accompanying chair

On bed table

Bed-side cabinet

Emergency Room

An emergency room is definitely the place that should be best equipped. It is a place where patients arrive without warning and require deep, specialized, and immediate care.

For this we have a line of products such as surgical carts, stretchers, monitors, defibrillators, and a series of tools for timely and efficient care.

Electric ICU bed

Medical pendant

Anti-decubitus air mattress

Related instruments

Dialysis room or consultation

Hospitals, clinics, and health centers are equipped to have dialysis rooms or consultation rooms for patients who visit for possible diagnosis or eventual treatment and do not require overnight stays. We have all the requirements for patient care such as step ladders, cabinets, treatment carts, examination tables and lamps.

Electric dialysis chair

Manual dialysis chair

Hospital cart

Gynecology and Obstetrics

For the Obstetrics and Gynecology sector we know the range of services provided to the patient such as early delivery, childbirth, and recovery. Also, gynecological care such as examinations, samples, and diagnostics. So, we provide the lights and cribs for a unique birthing experience, infant warmers and incubator and gynecological beds.

Gynecology Chair

Tabla obstétrica

LDR bed

Baby Incubator

Related instruments

Operating Room

Operating rooms are designed for doctors in any specialty to do the best job of operating. We make sure that the rooms have the best technological equipment. Solutions such as anesthesia machines, operating lights, hangers, ventilators, instrument trolleys, doctor's stools and tables are our top of the line equipment.

Operating Table

LED surgical light 

Medical Hangers 

Related instruments


Diabetic Supplies

Because we know that more than 20% of the population is diabetic, we provide health centers with a wide range of supplies for the care of patients already diagnosed with this disease such as test kits, skin ointments, syringes, organizers, and assorted sets for timely control.


Operating rooms, recovery rooms and infirmaries must be equipped to handle patients with conditions where a catheter must be given priority. Some of our solutions include accessories, gloves, suction catheters, external catheters, and trays.

Professional Supplies

Being equipped with professional supplies can be the difference between a good and bad experience for the patient. So, every health professional needs to have access to our products such as first aid bags, sterile products, syringes, stacked containers and basic reanimators.

Bariatric Products

Technological trends, the ease of acquiring foods high in fat and salt, sedentarism, and a series of conditions have caused more than 15% of the population to have body fat indexes above 25%. Placing this population in a condition of obesity. So, to improve their daily life we have crutches, standing stools, benches, toilets, walkers, chairs, and canes.


When patients present the condition of cardiorespiratory arrest or ventricular tachycardia, our products diagnose patients in a timely manner at the time of life or death. Our products are the latest generation of AED defibrillators, cabinets, cases, trainers, pads, and batteries.

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