Cubrebocas KN95 (4 paquetes)

Cubrebocas KN95 (4 paquetes)

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KN95, we have reached agreements with international distributors and factories producing nitrile gloves.

In our aim to provide the best market product to our clients, we have reached the above mentioned agreements only with top brands, so the gloves we offer are:

– – Nitrile gloves, no hidden blend
– – FDA and CE approved
– – Real certificates complying with international regulations
– – EN455 Certificate
– – ISO 374-5 Certificate
– – Boxes containing 100 pcs/box
– – Cartons of 10 boxes
– – International requested information printed on the boxes

Additionally, we have engaged with an independent third party which duty is to analyze all products to check the authenticity of the CE and FDA marking, as well as the match and traceability between the gloves and the certificates.

We operate on minimum orders of 1 million boxes up to 1 billion boxes, and we can work on an stock or delivery scheduled basis.

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